A community simulation video game that allows you to interact with a virtual village of animals that does something different every minute of every day. Animal Crossing games have been released worldwide; 5 are main series and 3 are spin offs. This series is known for having an open ended game play and its 24 hour clock which is synched real time. This feature simulates real passage of time like when the real world goes night time, so does the animal village.

Players assume the role of a human who just moved into a rural village that is inhabited with animals. There are no defined objectives but, gameplay encourages you to spend time in the village doing tasks like gathering items, planting, and making friends with other people in the village.

Gameplay is perfect for those who feel tired of daily routine or just want to play when fed up with schedules. Here are other games similar to Animal Crossing that can be alternatives to developing a village or something.

Games Like Animal Crossing 

Fantasy Life

First Game Like Animal Crossing was Fantasy Life Set in a fantasy world of Reveria, Fantasy Life is a role-playing video game that centers upon the player taking on various tasks given to the player and choosing life classes. Game play has several cities, plains, and mountains. It has rulers who spend their days reigning over citizens and steering them in their Life Paths. Take on the role of any of the playable characters; King Erik’s daughter Laura and Port Puerto governess Olivia, as well as several Life class specific characters that will unlock after the player has reached a certain class level. Investigate on strange occurences and attempt to save Reveria from falling apart.

Stardew Valley

Games Like Animal Crossing

Second Games Like Animal Crossing was Stardew Valley An RPG style farming game. Here, you may choose your path whether to devote your time raising crops or tending to animals. Spend time in the village and befriend people or kick out of slaughtering frightful monsters. Story line is simple yet satisfying. Play as the young man who is tired of mindless corporate drone and has been inherited a plot of land in Pelican Town. Just recently, the developers released an update and it made the game even more intriguing and absorbing that it already is. With new items, goals, and events from the updates, Stardew Valley feels like a wonderful countryside adventure.

Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning

Third Games Like Animal Crossing was Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning. Start as a farmer with nothing and work every day to raise crops and livestock. As you go through being a farmer, you set foot in Echo Village which has almost zero population. Work with the shopkeeper, shipping bin operator and Dunhill and as your guide slowly teaches you how everything about the village, things start to pick up in the village. Old villagers return and re open their businesses. New citizens arrive and open up their shops too. Game runs a little slow in the beginning but once it has picked up its pace, all of the time you spent on it will pay off.

Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times

Fourth Games Like Animal Crossing was Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times. Also known as Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry in the UK/EU, this game is set in a magic school and entails a series of spells in order to achieve a magician license. Start off by creating a character, name it, give it a birthday, and choose how it looks. Enroll at a school and get a wand and a wizard hat. This Harry Potter inspired game has walking pumpkin heads, friendly undead, and a lot more magic inspired species. If it is Animal Crossing you feel but a Harry Potter fan, you might just want to give Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times a try.

Rune Factory 4

Fifth Games Like Animal Crossing was Rune Factory 4. With features similar to the previous series, Rune Factory 4 runs around farming, dungeon exploring, and marriage. The only new thing it gave in this series is its ability to make orders that ranges from requesting a town event to pushing out a storm. Players can also select to play as male or female and potential suitors of any gender

Seems interesting? Try them out and let us know what game you enjoyed.

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