First developed by Meier, Civilization is a series of turn-based strategy video game. The goal is to be a world leader essentially in complete control over a continent. With 6 main games in this series, it is a complex game than it may seem. All games have similar game plays which is centered in developing a civilization from prehistory to the future. Civilization, in all of its games uses historical facets from the progress of mankind’s civilization and turns take place over a time scale that starts with the dawn of civilization in the millenia before 1 AD.

There are pre-defined or procedurally generated maps that gamers can play. Varied terrain that includes mountains and oceans can be set by several parameters like climate or land mass. These can affect the number of civilizations that can be played in that map. Other world leaders may visit your cities proposing to make trades of skill or wealth and far too often may initiate a war if you snub their offers.

Games Like Civilization

In all its 6 major games, Civilization V has been reviewed as the best and Civilization:Beyond Earth is the worst. It is usually the mod support, the expansions, hexagonal grids that has caused gamers to love the game. While this game has sold over 8 million copies worldwide and adored with huge fan base, this turn-based strategy genre has declined in popularity. Here’s a compilation of a few good games that can be alternative to Civilization.

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Complete

First Games Like Civilization was Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Complete. Critically acclaimed and favorably compared to Civilization is this 4x video game considered as spiritual sequel to Civilization series. Its science fiction story line had critics praising the game making it win several awards for best game of the year and best strategy game of the year. This game is that kind you will blame for having so much fun you didn’t realize it was four AM already. Its gameplay is the familiar building, conquest, discovery, exploration model. Conquer all factions, win diplomatic victories, or complete the Ascent to Transcendence secret project and you will definitely win the game.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane

Second Games Like Civilization was Warlock Engage in a world conquest against one another across the world map in this 4X turn-based strategy game. Control a Great Mage and lead the faction in victory. Yes, this game as to many other strategy games will still make you explore your area, expand, and gather resources but, this game rationalizes everything not directly related to forming up your army. Set in Ardania, the land of the Majesty series of sim games, your goal is to become the strongest of the Great Mages and establish a mighty realm. While it looks so much like Civilization V, in this game you will only need to worry about are four resources; gold, food, mana, and research.

Total War: Shogun 2

Third Games Like Civilization was total War Get the feels of 16th century feudal Japan, that of when Onin war just finished during the Ashikaga Shogunate. With a country fractured into opposing clans each fighting for control, you take management in one of these clans with the goal to dominate other factions and take rule over Japan. You can play the role of both the clan leader and general, alternating between having to manage the land and armies and taking control of the army on the battlefield. Released in 2011, Shogun 2 has been critically praised for its simplicity and refinement. Eventually, it came out with an expansion set, Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai which was released just a year after.

Age of Wonders

Fourth Games Like Civilization was Age of Wonders Often compared to Master of Magic, this adventure, role-playing game, and strategy genre is all mixed into one. With definitive graphics, fancied game play, and being able to be played by multi-player makes this gaming experience worthwhile. Co-developed by Triumph Studios and Epic MegaGames, Age of Wonders has three sequels; Age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, and Age of Wonders III. Explore your world as you choose different allies, discover ancient artifacts, and build empires. This game was not necessarily one of the biggest in its genre but its graphics, gameplay mechanics and online connectivity has made it be nominated as “Best Turn-Based Strategy Game” in 1999.

Endless Space

Fifth Games Like Civilization was Endless Space Choose one of the 10 civilizations or create your own, expand your empire and conquer the galaxy. Set in 3000 AD, your empire’s focus is to be the first to meet victory in all four conditions; Economic, Diplomatic, Expansionary, and Supremacy. Although most of the time, it is not clear what is happening, Endless Space’s complexity and means of choices makes it a very accessible game. With a favorable response to many gamers, it can be a quite engrossing game that will consume your nights and weekends.

A few more games that have not been elaborated but are worth trying are; Sword of the Stars, Imperial Domination, Elemental: War of Magic, and Shattered Unions. Any other games you’d like us to try? Comment box is all yours for your thoughts.