Supported by strong legacy in multiplayer first-person shooter game, CS: GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) holds its own alongside modern titles. Its established gameplay and active community helped retain its leading role in an industry.

Described as the great extension to Counter Strike legacy, it has received generally positive reception from critics and in 2015 won eSports Game of the Year. CS:GO was also nominated for Best Spectator Game in IGN’s Best of 2017 Awards, eSports Game of The Year at the 2017 Golden Joystick Awards, Best eSports Game at the Game Awards in 2017, and Game, eSports at the 17th Annual National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards. This game also made it through professional scene with tournaments hosted by multiple organizations with prize ranging from $250,000 to $1,000,000.

Games Like Counter Strike: Go

Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s simplicity has made it perhaps the best there is in the first-person shooter game. And while we cannot replicate what and how far it has gone, there are shooter games released that took inspiration from it. The list is what we think close to this game we all love.


First Games Like Counter Strike: GO was Overwatch This ever evolving video game has gathered millions of players thanks to its consistent free updates, seasonal events or global eSports competitions. Overwatch has a brilliant mix of design, artistry, and gameplay. Set sixty years in the future of novelized Earth, humans developed robots with AI called A crisis began however, when the Omniums (facility that produced Omnics) began fabricating series of lethal, hostile robots, which turned against humankind. Be a hero and work together to secure and defend control points on a map. Every match is an extreme showdown of diverse cast of soldiers, heroes, mercenaries, scientists, adventurers against each other.


Second Games Like Counter Strike: GO was Crossfire A 3D first-person shooter that highlights team work in a modern-day combat setting. Developed by Smilegate and published by Tencent Games, Crossfire is an online tactical first-person shooter for Microsoft Windows. Grossing to $6.8 billion in 2016, it is one of the highest grossing video games of all time. No doubt, that success brought about a film adaptation announced in 2015. Players in Crossfire take the role of either a Black List or Global Risk Operative. They compete in various modes including Free-For-All, Team Death Match, and stealth-action ghost mode. Crossfire is a refreshing game thanks to large variety of maps with massive game modes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Third Games Like Counter Strike: GO was Call of Duty The 12th entry in the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: Black Ops III takes place in 2065, 40 years after Black Ops II with the world coping with turmoil from climate change and new technologies. The developer, Treyarch, introduced in this game a modern momentum-based chained-movement system which enables players to seamlessly move through the environment by means of thrust jumps, slides, wall runs, all while maintaining full control of their weapon. The game’s campaign is built to back 4 player cooperative game play that allows bigger design and less corridor shooting.

Battlefield 1

Fourth Games Like Counter Strike: GO was Battlefield The game promises to let you experience the dawn of all-out war as you take to the front line of combat across the entire theater of World War I. Battlefield is a first-person shooter game that focuses team work. Set in the period of World War I and inspired by historical events, players play a sequence of battles where actions have consequences beyond a single match, as players try to conquer territory or push back the attackers. Spontaneous destruction and unpredictable weather conditions are what your tactics need to adapt with. Overall, its gameplay and story line are exemplary especially that it gives us incredible feels of heroism and bravery as told by World War I scenes.

Borderlands 2

Fifth Games Like Counter Strike: GO was Borderlands, a series of action RPG first-shooter video game has been critically acclaimed and has received commercial success for its loot-driven multiplayer co-op gameplay and its sense of humor. It also didn’t do that bad in the market with 26 million copies of it shipped worldwide. A film adaptation is also in development by Lionsgate.

These are just some of the games inspired by Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Although none of these can match it exactly, they sure have something to offer. Try them and let us know what you think.