Games Like Euro Truck Simulator – Released in 2008, Euro Truck Simulator is a truck simulation game set In Europe. Start as low-skilled truckless guy, forced to take work from established companies. Amass the funds to buy your first rig and rent your first yard. If you have what it takes to be part of the elite truck force, get behind the wheel and explore numerous cities from UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and many more. Be amazed with the European truck models like Mercedes-Benz Actros, Renault Magnum, and Scania R-Series.

Games Like Euro Truck Simulator

Simulators have reinvented the way we looked at games before and countless of it are out there not just for driving. Read on and find out more simulations similar to Euro Truck.

German Truck Simulatormore games like german truck simulator

First Games Like Euro Truck Simulator was German Truck Simulator. Travel as an employee of a virtual haulage company and be in different cities in Germany collecting and delivering cargo. 7 European long-haul trucks are available for you. Work and generate funds so you can start your own hauling company. Released in 2010 for Microsoft Windows, German Truck Simulator is a brilliant driving simulator for long-haul trucks. It also makes you feel the character of being a driver by completing missions, getting your own earnings, traffic fines, upgrades and tuning for the truck, and beautiful landscapes. Requirements for you to play this are; CPU 2.4 GHz, DirectX 9.0, 1 GB RAM, 1 GB HD space, 3D Accelerator with OpenGL

Spintiresgames like spintires

Second Games Like Euro Truck Simulator was Spintires. Let’s steer away from trucks, shall we. Feel like driving an old truck in a muddy, sometimes slippery and very steep wilderness? Spintires is the game for you. This simulation game is all-terrain, off-roading video game that tasks players to drive through muddy and unpaved roads. Your main goal, (aside from experiencing a heck of a ride) is to transport cargo to the destination without draining the resources nor damaging the vehicle. You can choose to play alone or with several others between casual and hard-core mode. Try the hard-core mode and drive around without a map to guide you.

Rigs of Rods games like rigs of rods

Third Games Like Euro Truck Simulator was Ring of Rods. Unlike most simulation software that focuses on driving and transporting skills, this one focuses on representing realistic physics. You will see on the website a sort of like disclaimer that claimed the makers planned the vehicle behavior based on weight, build, and suspension. Although it has no fundamental gameplay goal, missions and game play like contact like timing of check points along a road or dragstrips.

Bus Drivergames like bus driver

Fourth Games Like Euro Truck Simulator Bus Driver. Surely, most of us have ridden in a bus before so you just might have an idea what this game is all about. In Bus Driver, player transports passengers around an attractive city. There is a time table and a planned route. While keeping those in mind, you also have to obey traffic rules and making sure passengers are not upset or injured. This game is set in the US however, as you play along, you will notice that most of bus stops have names after areas from London, like Debden, Collier Row, Feltham, Potters Bar, and Westminster.

Oil Platform Simulatorgames like oil platform simulator

Fifth Games Like Euro Truck Simulator was Oil Platform Simulator. Dreamed of becoming an oil mogul? Before making that happen, try out Oil Platform Simulator. Ship the black gold out of the sea from refining to selling. With missions taking place over the Gulf of Mexico, West African Sea, and the North Sea, take your goals, beat your time limit and achieve your target scores. Each mission is unlocked chronologically thus, makes you have to go and finish simple (and sometimes) boring missions before unlocking the major ones.

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