Games Like Guess a Sketch – For almost 9 years, Guess-A-Sketch, a game with over 8 million players went offline. This addictive game created by Lonely Star Software was an online multiplayer game of drawing and guessing. While one player draws a randomly picked game, others try to guess it and the first to guess takes 100 points.

People have confessed they have used Guess-A-Sketch as a release of stress from work, as a way to kill time or to simply just make fun of their own drawings. The team’s announcement of putting the game down came in the New Year’s Eve of 2018. Leaving about 8 million players saddened, they claim the game required major upgrades to make it run on modern platforms. While some techy players were still able to play it on its last day, undoubtedly it was complicated just to enjoy it.

Games Like Guess A Sketch

While they are optimistic that they can come back, sometimes players just can’t wait that long. So, if you’re one of those who misses doodling and laughing at your own sketches, trying to guess what it is, here’s a list of what you can enjoy in the meantime.

Let’s Draw ItGames Like Let's Draw It

First Games Like Guess a Sketch was Let’s Draw it An online multiplayer drawing game released only July of this year. This is browser based and players choose the word together and draw it and rate the other users. The user who draws the best wins.

DrawceptionGames Like Drawception

Second Games Like Guess a Sketch was Drawception Similar to the game Telephone, players use their imagination to draw what the other person says to them. The game begins with the first player drawing a phase and decides which phase should be drawn by the next players. This repeats until the fourth player draws and describes the third player’s drawing/phase.

Draw SomethingGames Like Draw Something

Third Games Like Guess a Sketch was Draw Something A mobile app developed by OMGPop and was launched in 2012. It was so popular, in just 5 weeks after its release, it was downloaded 20 million times. It was later on bought by the Gaming Company Zynga for $180 million. Here, players take turn in drawing a picture of the guess word. There are random words ranked by difficulty and guessing them correctly earns you up to three coins. This game can be downloaded through Google PlayStore or Apple Appstore.

iSketchGames Like iSketch

Fourth Games Like Guess a Sketch was iSketch Created by Robert Wahlstedt, this is a drawing website similar to Pictionary. This game was launched in 1999 and was written in Adobe Shockwave. The objective, just like in other sketch games, is to earn points by correctly guessing the words for what was drawn. Each user gets their turn to be the artist and draw while the others attempt to guess it. They may use a mouse or a graphic tablet to draw and they have a set of on-screen drawing tools like pens, brushes, erasers and color pallettes.

DrawasaurusGames Like Drawasaurus

Fifth Games Like Guess a Sketch was Drawasaurus Self-titled online drawing game created by Drawasaurus, this lets you play by drawing and guessing through your mobile phones or PC. The rules are; to avoid drawing words and letters while illustrating the guess word the best way you can and making the players from around the world try to guess it.

I’m still bored though. Got other sketch games in mind? I’d like to read and find out more of them through my comment box!