Immortal Night, a 2D role playing game allows you to play as a vampire or a Lycan on the browser. It is within your character to conquer the world in Immortal Night. This game is a text-based MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) that features some cool activities that you can do along with thrilling encounters for you to engage in.

You start off by choosing whether to play as a vampire or a lycan. Then, you set your character with its gender and name it as you wish. These settings can be changed later in the game if you desire to. You will also have an initial thousand dollars to get things moving for you. You will have to work to increase your accuracy, speed, defense, and strength in the training sessions. This text based game lets you fight for your right to rule the darkness.

Games Like Immortal Night

If you are a fan of RPGs that bank on imagination or if you enjoy being part of an online community through a forum, read on and find out about other games closely similar to Immortal Night.

Kingdom of Loathing


First Games Like Immortal Night was Kingdom of loathing Also known as KoL, is a browser-based multiplayer role-playing game developed and published by Asymmetric Publications. Released in 2003, this uses hand-drawn stick figure graphics branded by humor, word play, parody and references to popular culture. Here, you will have a character that will fight against monsters for experience and acquiring meat (in game currency). While it is on a large player versus environment single player mode, some features also allow multiplayer interaction. There is an integrated chat system that are moderated and is only available after completing a basic test of English grammar and spelling.

A mobile and desktop browser zero-player role-playing video game programmed by Kosinov and Platov, this game was released in 2010. This game does not require interaction from the player for the game to progress. There are two types of characters; hero-character or the non-player and the god-character player by user. This is a role-playing game where hero should defeat monsters, find treasures and items and sometimes even lose to monsters and distant characters.

A Dark Room

Second  Games Like Immortal Night was a dark room. Published and developed by Doublespeak Games and released in 2013, this online text based role-playing game was designed to tell its story through cues rather than relying on exposition and dialogue. This can be played in a browser or Nintendo Switch and can also be downloaded as an app from PlayStore and AppStore. This game, due to intriguing game plays has been rated by TouchArcade, 4 out of 5 and has been described as “strange little thing, to be sure, but I’d definitely recommend A Dark Room to people who appreciate off-beat RPGs…”

The Ensign

Released in 2014, this text-based iOS video game was created and developed by Amirali Rajan. This is a prequel to A Dark Room. It takes place in a nameless planet and the character is part of an alien specie known as “the Wanderers”. In the game, the Wanderers are losing a war even with highly advanced technology. In Ensign, the character’s ship falls, leaving both him and his senior injured. The wounded senior stays behind while the player, seeks out the fallen ship. As they discover and repair it, the player takes off in the ship, later on colliding with an asteroid and crashes. This accident leads into the events of A Dark Room.

Fallen London

Developed and published by Failbetter Games, this game was originally named Echo Bazaar. This browser-based game is an interactive narrative game set in Fallen London, an alternative Victorian London with Goth overtones. In this game, users take the role of new arrivals to the underground and make their way to be the best of the city’s various legal and illegal acts.

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