Any gamer born anytime in the 90s or later has probably spent a good amount of time on the computer playing online games. Some may still be around but there are those that have completely vanished and no longer be played today. Before the internet, it was CD-ROM games that truly paved our way in PC gaming.

If you are already feeling old about me mentioning CD-ROM, let me get you a little more sentimental by reminding you of one of the games we fondly played then, Millsbery.

Millsberry, a video/advergame hosted by General Mills was a marketing tool used to showcase General Mills products. It was child-geared game wherein you could create an avatar and live your life in Millsberry. You could put decorations on your own house, shop for items, play arcade games, join in special events and read newspaper. It was fun to have a game where you could personalize your bio that included your taste in music, favorite colors, hobbies, etc., The game however, ended on December 31st, 2010.

Games Like Millsberry

Now that I’ve got you feeling nostalgic, let’s find you other games similar to Millsberry and enjoy parallel gaming experience. Try them out and relish all the fun.


This virtual pet website is where users can own virtual pets and buy virtual items using virtual currencies. Players care for their digital pets and explore Neopia. As there are no objective set for players, it is important they feed and care for their neopets and not allow them to go hungry or ill. Players can also build and design Neohomes and decorate it with fixtures, from wallpapers to furnitures to flooring. They can battle against other neopets as well.

Lady Popular

This browser-based free-to-play online fashion game developed by XS Software is available in 21 languages. This was released in November 2009 and from then until the second major version of it, Lady Popular Fashion Arena, has over 8 million registered users. Each one starts by registering and creating her female character. After such, the character can change their appearance, clothes, rent an apartment and decorate it, join in social events and play duels in Fashion Arena.Developed by FlowPlay and released in 2008, this MMORPG game is a virtual world containing a range of online games and activities. This was aimed to target teen and tween users. Each user has an avatar and a condo unit to be decked. Users earn flow – the in-game currency, by talking, dancing, eating, drinking, and playing games. They can also be exchanged for experience points and coins. Users can talk to each other, play games, request friendship and gift items, create groups, send and receive emails, etc.,

Moshi Monsters

Fourth Games Like Millsberry was Moshi mOnsters. This British website aimed at children aged 6-12 was developed by Mind Candy and released in April 2008. In this game, users can choose from virtual pets they create, name and nurture. After customizing their characters, players can travel through Monstro City, answer daily puzzles to earn Rox (virtual currency), play games and chat with other players in safe environment. With over 80 million users in 150 territories worldwide, no wonder it has expanded the game commercially by having physical products like toys and magazines.

Secret Builders

Fifth Games Like Millsberry was Secret Builders. Released in 2008, Secret Builders is a virtual world that aimed at children aged 5 to 14. This game is for free and can be played within browser. A fair amount of time will be spend meeting other players, playing mini games and creating avatars with a lot of items available. Other past times within this game are quests, home decorations, pets, and artwork contests.

Have another game similar to Millsbery in mind? Feel free to use the comment box!