Movie Star Planet or MSP for short is a Danish social game targeting children and teenagers from 8 to 15. It is a fantasy celebrity play-and-chat site. The idea of the game is to express yourself by creating a movie star avatar, advancing their way to fame and collecting coins through the activities you complete. These activities consist of seeking gifts, playing Simon Says (casting), collecting friends, doing autographs, making canned movies and creating looks. It also features the character being able to adopt pets if he wants to.

Although the developers claim sophisticated safety and security, there are still words that came out stating experiences of those who tried it. Yes, you get a warning when you type to ask the person you are chatting with, how old they are or if they have a number. However, if you type them using txt speak, you won’t get alerted.

As for most of things nowadays, proper guidance from parents is urged. Perhaps letting them know early on what their limitations are, there might not be much problem.

Games Like Movie Star Planet

The Sims

First Games Like Movie Star Planet was The Sims This innovative game developed by Maxis (2000-2006, 2012 – ) and The Sims Studio (2006 – ) and published by Electronic Arts was the brainchild of Will Wright. Originally designed for Microsoft Windows, the Sims along with its other series can now be played on MacOS, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, OS X, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Java ME, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, Bada, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Sims’ lack any defined goals, except for the later expansion packs and console versions. Generally rated as T (Teens) by ESRB, this open ended game lets users create families of people, or sims and thereon take control of their lives or sit back and watch them mingle with each other. If you’re a boy who built a big house out of Lego blocks or a girl who had a big doll house with people living in it, this will feel very familiar.


Second Games Like Movie Star Planet was Ourworld A virtual world where kids / tweens can play chat and play games, although some of the games have violent content. It is yet another place to stroll and interact. Each player has an avatar and a condo to customize. Characters can go between coffeehouses, dance clubs, and wave, chat, or dance with others. Safety wise, prior to users being able to chat, especially if under 13, a parent email verification should be sent first. Players can talk to each other, be friends, give gifts and participate in contests. It also featured popularity, marriage, and adoption in their 2013 update.

Monster High

Third Games Like Movie Star Planet was Monster High As the title implies, you play as a monster. Monster High is an animated streaming series about distressing world for kids of zombies, ghouls and undead creatures. Play as the new ghoul and use your skills and savvy to help save the school from mummy curse. Create your own monster self and choose from skin tones, hair colors, and tons of outfits. You can also enjoy shopping, so you fill up your closet with outfits and accessories.


Fourth Games Like Movie Star Planet was Smeet A browser based 2.5D social network, Smeet is an online Virtual world MMORPG. Let your imagination run wild as you meet new people and experience adventures in the game. Users upon signing up can create and customize their own profiles and avatars that represent themselves. You may chat, decorate user rooms, play games and solve quests free of charge. Though it wasn’t stated with age group it is targeting, it is quite catering to everybody, young or old. It is very simple and easy to play

Alter Ego

Fifth Games Like Movie Star Planet was Alter Ego. Released by Activision in 1986, Alter Ego is a role-playing game created by Favaro for old console Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Apple II and Apple Macintosh. It begins as an infant and player chooses and icon, the label for nodes under the tree diagram. Icons represent experiences to explore. The game lets the player construct their own identity mainly based on a Question and Answer interface.

These games mostly resembles that of Movie Star Planet. Find out more about these games and tell us what you think.

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