Roblox claims to be the world’s largest social platform for play with million other players. Kids who were once addicted to Minecraft and felt they have outgrown it now made their way to Roblox. They sure did, my son is one of them. This game has a huge fan base possibly to it being free and can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon devices, Xbox one and even Microsoft Windows.

This massive multiplayer online game allow users to design their own games and play other types of games created within by other users through Roblox Studio. This platform developed and published by Roblox Corporation can be played single and multiplayer. It hosts social network games similar to block building like Lego or Minecraft. Roblox has a huge following that as of this month, it has reached 70 million mark on monthly active users.

This social platform presents a chat mode that is safe for users under 13. It needs a parent log in so they can overlook the child’s use of the site. As sophisticated as the child security sounds to be, there still are reports of inappropriate messages, comments, and users that claim they have been exposed to virtual physical and sexual assault. Even so, Roblox gets high evaluations for promoting exploration, interaction and all the more so in creativity of users. Perhaps, we can let the users under 13 years enjoy this game with parents’ supervision.

Games Like Roblox

Though Roblox has numerous games within the users can choose from, some may still get bored at some point. Find out on the list below what other games can help inspire your creativity.


First Games Like Roblox was Blocksworld Available on iOS, macOS, and Microsoft Windows, this game has players create their own games and experience 3D building blocks that can be combined to build unique 3D settings. This free-to-play game targets users ages 6 to 12. Interestingly, users can share and learn from creations in this community. They can exchange stories, recruit and ask for help and expand your skill set. Linden Lab also made it convenient to have the record and share feature so that players can instantly upload videos of their creations to YouTube.


Second Games Like Roblox was Minecraft Obviously should be mentioned on this list. This popular game allows players to craft edifices with different cubes in a 3D generated world. Minecraft can be in single or multiplayer mode and it includes survival genre in which users acquire resources to build their world and sustain their health. This game is critically acclaimed and has numerous awards under its belt. It comes second to Tetris as the best selling video game with over 74 million monthly active players.

Block N Load

Another hugely popular game with open source features, Terasology combines RPG, adventure and sandbox kind of play. There so far has only one mode but is promising based on the baseline of design. With just a few more tweaks, it can be a nice mix of Minecraft and TF2 or better. Published and developed by Jagex, this is available for Microsoft Windows as released in 2015.


An action adventure game set in a 2D platform enables users to generate their own land and modify it as they prefer. Released in 2011 for Microsoft Windows, this game was developed by Re-Logic and published by 505 games. It has then been released for other platforms and by 2017 has sold over 20 million copies across all platforms. Terraria received positive reception since its release because of its direct comparisons to Minecraft. Terraria offers players the chance to be an action gamer and master builder in a world full of exploration.


This block building sandbox game was released in 2011 as published and developed by DigitalDNA Games. Just a few months after it was released, it came out with a sequel called CastleMiner Z. The next series, CastleMiner Warfare was also released for Windows PC. In this game, users can choose from six different world types; lagoon, coastal, classic, flatland, desert, and arctic. It starts with the player being spawned in the middle of the map. From there, they can start exploration and creation of different structures from the blocks provided for them.

These games can surely continue whatever you have started with Roblox but there’s always more so if you know others similar to it, feel free to comment on the box below.