Games Like Terraria – Many describe Terraria as the 2D Minecraft when really it is more than that. Terraria isn’t just building blocks and putting them together. It is about discovery, from exploring new environments, finding resources, discovery of craftable items, it is entirely different from Minecraft.

Yes, Terraria is 2 Dimensional action adventure sandbox video game. What separates it from others of its kind is it greatly revolves around exploration, building and combat. It makes the player feel like an action gamer, master builder, collector, and explorer all in one. From using resources to craft new items, to fighting off slimes, zombies, and demon eyes, Terraria is whatever you make of it. Though it is often compared to Minecraft, its gameplay emphasizes more on combat and adventure and that actually proves to be very satisfying.

Games Like Terraria

What pushes players to go bored is the lack of directions that puts it off. It makes the players feel they sometimes have no idea what to do. As much as there are a lot of wonders to discover and rewards to unlock, inaccessibility may be a flaw that players outgrow this game. If you are looking for other games similar to Terraria, read on and find out where to pour your creativity.

MinecraftGames Like Minecraft

First Games Like Terraria was Minecraft Always worth mentioning. Sandbox style game that allows you to do anything you want. No linear requirement. Although it may look like badly designed graphics, don’t let it fool you. It is popular because of its mining and survival theme that has been adopted by myriad of games now. Minecraft lets you enjoy a relaxing experience mining and building by yourself in its creative mode or survive together with your friends in a survival mode.

Planet Centaurigames like planet centauri

Although the game is early access, meaning, it isn’t complete yet, it can still be played. Similar to sandbox genre games, you may do all things here like discovering maps, biomes, crafting weapons, and capturing and petting monsters. There are in this game, Night Walkers that you need to protect Chlorinian You will also need to nurture your character by farming and letting it eat certain kinds of food

Starboundgames like starbound

An action adventure video game, it takes place in a two dimensional universe which the player is able to explore so they can acquire new weapon and items. It was released early access in 2016 for Microsoft Windows, OSX, and Linux. The game features story based missions, quests and world exploration. You will have enemies to fight and people to interact with. You may also farm and sell crops, build constructions and charge rent to travelling. Its flashy way of defeating enemies prevent users from easily getting bored.

Don’t Starvegames like don't strave

Games Like Terraria was Don’t Starve  A not so colorful game revolving around a world of hideous creatures and monsters. You have to survive in this dark and gloomy game by going around and looking for resources, crafting new tools, and building structures for yourself that will aid in your survival. This open world survival video game was developed by Klei Entertainment and was initially released via Valve Corporation’s Steam software.

CreaGames like crea

This 2D sandbox game with RPG elements offers players lots of exploration features, new realms and dungeons. Like in other games, you need to craft and upgrade your equipment and weaponries to survive. It is mod friendly and allows modders to further enhance the game by altering characters, settings and putting up new stuff that can make the gameplay more fun for the players

If you feel tired of playing Terraria, then try one of those on the list. You may also, as always comment in the box below what other games you enjoy as alternative to it.

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