Games like Life is Strange – A hand drawn work of art where every action enacts a butterfly effect is an episodic graphic adventure video game. Developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix, Feral Interactive, and Black Wing Foundation, it was released in five episodes throughout 2015.

Set in a fictional town of Arcadia Bay, it is focused on an 18 year old photography student who realizes her ability to rewind time at any moment. This interactive drama allows you to play as a shy photography obsessed character. You will control the character as she explores her surroundings. You will help her solve problems and quizzes and sometimes engage in multiple choice conversations. This kind of gameplay swerves a different path in order to give gamers a more personal story, played with the accessible rules of an adventure game. Over the course, you find out that the character is no ordinary girl and that the place where you are is very strange. Over all, this game is interesting as it tackles surprisingly dark subject matters with sensitivity and respect.

Games Like The Life is Strange

If you loved playing Life is Strange, you probably have finished it and now looking for a similar game to play. Look no further, read on and find out other deals that will make you have the Life is Strange feels.

Until Dawngames like until dawn

First Games Like The Life is Strange was Until Down This cheap tribute to horror movies set in a world Blackwood mountain is designed to be played multiple times. Developed by SuperMassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 4, it centers in a group of teenagers who decide to have holiday in a cabin the fictional setting exactly a year after two girls disappeared from their group. Game starts as the group arrives in the area and find themselves attacked by a madman. Players must survive until sunrise. Throughout the adventure, player alternates between all eight characters of the story.

To The Moongames like to the moon

Second Games Like The Life is Strange was To the Moon A game that dared to tackle themes about life, death and importance of living with memories of the best and worst of times. This game is worth playing just to see how the heartfelt story unfolds. In this game, you will take the role of Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Rosaleane. They are scientists who live in a world where it is possible to recreate memories. This single player adventure game makes you play it only because of its story. Although, the story really is good enough reason to play it. Some players have claimed they relate to the characters at some point in their lives.

Remember Megames like remember me

Third Games Like The Life is Strange was Remember me Surrounded by some rough game play, well worn templates, the core concept of the game was to control over what we choose to hold on to. This action adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment, lets players assume the role of Nilin, an ex elite memory hunter with the ability to intrude people’s minds and steal or alter their memories. Set in Neo-Paris in 2084, when memories are bought and traded, players replay memories and modify details to change the target’s memory.

Gone Homegames like gone home

Fourth Games Like The Life is Strange was Gone Home A first person exploratory adventure game that starts with you arriving home after a year abroad. Katie, the character you play arrives to an empty house and finds ominous notes and clues all over. Although there are no defined goal in this game, it encourages and rewards player as they explore new areas of the house in search for new messages.

Firewatchgames like firewatch

Fifth Games Like The Life is Strange was Firewatch A single player adventure game developed by Campo Santo, it takes you to follow a fire lookout, Henry in the Shoshone National Forest a year after the Yellowstone fires of 1988. Throughout the game, you will explore the surrounding area, uncover clues about mysterious occurrences in the vicinity that are related to looting his stocks. This game is amazing as it deals with serious issues, with realistic dialogue to match.

Try out these games and let us know if you find them the same way we did or if you think there are more games we can try too. Hit us in the comment box below.