Virtual Villagers is a series of simulation games developed and published by Last Day of Work.  You take on the role of someone who manages survivors as they evolve into a thriving tribe of about 90 people.  You need to make sure these people are healthy and happy as they grow. Part of looking after the village is completing a series of challenges like finding out all of the island’s 50 mysteries.

Games Like Virtual Villagers

The combination of puzzles and strategies has made keeping its players coming back as you always have something to do every time you play.

Similar games to Virtual Villagers are listed below based on comparable strategic and management experiences they offer.

Theme Hospital

First Games Like Virtual Villagers was Theme Hospital Design and run a private hospital that will cater to patients with fictitious amusing sickness. Filled with pharmacies, annoyed nurses, unkind doctors, and competition from other hospitals, learn how to build, buy, and compete in an efficient way. Starting with an empty hospital, you set it up via several menus from which you purchase every little bit of detail for your hospital, from stretcher beds to the tiniest cosmetic vase.

The Sims

Second Games Like Virtual Villagers The Sims. This innovative game by Maxis (2000-2006, 2012 – ) and The Sims Studio (2006 – ) and published by Electronic Arts was the brainchild of Will Wright. Originally designed for Microsoft Windows, the Sims along with its other series can now be played on MacOS, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, OS X, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Java ME, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, Bada, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Sims’ lack any defined goals, except for the later expansion packs and console versions. Generally rated as T (Teens) by ESRB, this open ended game lets users create families of people, or sims and thereon take control of their lives or sit back and watch them mingle with each other. If you’re a boy who built a big house out of Lego blocks or a girl who had a big doll house with people living in it, this will feel very familiar.

Startup Company

Third Games Like Virtual Villagers Startup Company. Play as the CEO of a newly founded company. Start with an empty bank account, work your way up by completing client contracts until you get enough money to compete against large software firms. Let your imagination run wild with this sandbox business simulation game.

Zoo Tycoon 2

Fourth Games Like Virtual Villagers Zoo Tycoon 2. Sequel to Zoo Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon 2 features 30 extremely detailed animals and selection of building tools. Build a zoo with vast animals exhibits and make sure everyone is happy. This game gets you up close to interacting with the animals at the zoo. You will be immersed in the zoo environment like walking around and having a day at the zoo, either as a guest or as a zoo keeper. There is also a feature where you can take a photo of your favorite animal and share it with your friends online.

MySims Kingdom

Fifth Games Like Virtual Villagers MySims Kingdom. A follow up to MySims, MySims Kingdom was developed by EA Redwood Shores as spinoff to Maxi’s The Sims series. Help King Roland as he is desperate to bring happiness back. Your goal is to rebuild and improve homes and other structures for the characters using scrolls from Islanders. You should also complete tasks given by them.

Pretty sure there are a lot more simulation games out there similar to Virtual Villagers that did not make it to this list. Let us know so we can check them out too! Comment box below.