Games Like Wizard101 – Be a student of witchcraft and wizardry and help save Spiral. Battle enemies by casting spells using a turn-based combat system. Yes, quite similar to a card game.

Published and developed by KingsIsle Entertainment, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game is set in the fictional universe of Spiral. Spiral is divided into many worlds with multiple areas. Students of witchcraft and wizardry can unlock these temporarily with memberships or permanently with crowns. Each starts the game by choosing a school; Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, or Balance. Enjoy lots of activities as you progress by playing challenges with mini games in the Wizard City Game Fairgrounds and using dyes to change the colors of your clothes.

Games Like Wizard101

Wizard101 definitely gives you Harry Potter feels but if you want to try more MMO games similar to it, read on and find out.

Wonderland Onlinegames like wonderland online

First Games Like Wizard101 was Wonderland Online Storyline runs around ship wreck survivors stranded on an island. This turn based combat like old school console RPG lets the players perform quests, solve puzzles, manufacture items and indulge in interior decoration. Players can choose from more than a dozen characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Its content and features include ancient South American and Pacific Island cultures; Mayans, huge stones of Easter Islands and so much more. Wonderland Online is 2D thus, does not require so much with the system you will play it with. It can run on OS as old as XP, in 800 MhZ P3, as low as 256 MB ram.

Yohoho! Puzzle PiratesGames Like Yohoho Puzzle Pirates

Second Games Like Wizard101 was Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates  Take on a role of a pirate adventuring on high seas while raiding money from enemy ships. This open-ended and community-driven is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Three Rings Design. Hundreds of fellow players also swarm the same Isles and sea lanes as you are. As you wander around by land or sail by the seas, or take on enemies, puzzle games are launched. Good puzzle results to victories and gets you and your fellow pirates fortunes. If you like the idea of competition and cooperation by puzzling online, this just might be the perfect game for you.

Pirate 101Games Like Pirate101

Third Games Like Wizard101 was Pirate 101 Skull Island. Set in a fantasy world, Pirate 101 involves funny, friendly, and engaging pirates where kids sail their ships in the sky. In the same enchanted world of Wizard 101, players get to be cool pirates and sail ships high in the skyways of the air. This pirate themed massively multiplayer online RPG is a sister game to Wizard101. Pirates here complete quests, sail ships, befriend companions, and battle enemies in a turn-based combat system. They may also duel against other pirates in open arenas known as the Brawlin’ Hall and Spar Chamber.

TroveGames Like Trove

Fourth Games Like Wizard101 was Trove At first glance, you can immediately tell that Trove’s voxel heavy landscapes and characters are owed to Minecraft. And, that actually sets Trove apart from other MMOs with the same genre and game play. This sandbox MMORPG has players assume the role of one of multiple classes each with distinctive play styles and abilities. They will be given a brief tutorial and after which they arrive in a central area called the hub. Another thing about this game is that you do not need to shell out money at every opportunity. You can play almost the whole game for free. Although there are cosmetic upgrades that are on sale, they aren’t necessarily needed.

DC Universe OnlineGames Like DC Universe Online

Fifth Games Like Wizard101 was DC Universe Online Step into the role of the next legendary super hero or villain. Save or conquer the universe, it is all up to you. Set in a fictional universe of DC Comics, this free-to-play action combat massive multiplayer online game will have players be thrust headlong into an action packed online world based on the heroes, villains and landmarks. DC Universe Online is the best game to start if you have never played any MMOs before.

Most games from the list may be played on browser and almost all can be played by both kids and adults. Try them out and see how it feels to play them. Don’t forget to share your thoughts.

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